iPhone 5 Released Pictures and Designs

When iPhone 5 is coming? well no one really know for sure but rumours are that new i phone 5 will be coming this September 2012. Some believe that in the start of month October!
No one have the exact final Pictures of iPhone 5 but some blogs like Entertainment Lobby and iPhone 5 Release have mentioned the expected designs and concepts of Apple's new iPhone 5 handset.
So we at Entertainment Lobby have decided to put another showcase of top Released Pictures of iPhone 5 just for your inspiration and give you some idea that how will iPhone 5 look like!

iPhone 5 New 3D Concept and Design

Many fans and industry experts were hoping for in-house exhibition from Apple's WWDC, the presentation of the iPhone 5 - but in conclusion the presentation came up with the new MacBook and iOS 6
This fact has of course means that the rumors about the new Apple smartphone currently boiling over again formally. And now a designer to fit new 3D renderings released, which are so realistic that even some technology blogs have assumed that this is the real iPhone 5!
iPhone 5 2012
Source: flickr.com / Martin uit Utrecht

Free PSD Websites

In this post I have collected some good websites where you can download for free PSD files, ranging from buttons and ending with the site layout. From my own experience I can say that these files are essentially ready to save time as well as help to learn how to make a specific effect when working on designing websites or developing a website and a blog. Enjoy!

365 PSD

A Selection of Small and Useful JavaScript Libraries

So, today we have a small selection of useful (in my opinion) JS scripts and plug-ins that you may come in handy at work. For example, I have come in handy a few times.
In this paper we consider the following scripts: change favicon.ico (notice a la Gmail), currency converter, change handler hash of the document, scripts for formatting dates, numbers and currency values, the script for filtering, sorting and searching for items on the list, the script for the automatic substitution of vendor prefixes in CSS, background noise generator and then some.

iPhone 5 Release Date: Not Until September

At the announcement time of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro at WWDC yesterday, Apple unveiled the iOS 6, the new operating system that will endorse into the iPhone 5, and which should be launched in fall this year.

While a new version of IOS is normally presented alongside a new device, many observers expect information on the iPhone 5 as well. However, as usual, the iOS 6 presentation was the occasion to unveil a bunch of numbers confirming the irresistible growth of the iDevice market. In fact, Apple has sold over 365 million iOS devices to date, including mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets.

30 Best Examples of Sites Made for Mobile Phones

Website versions for mobile devices will surely help any website to attract more users and provide its availability to hundreds of other mobile users. Good design always makes such sites memorable. In this article we present you a selection of 30 Best Examples of Sites and Paid Templates for Mobile Phones. Some of these patterns are adaptive. Enjoy!

Pixanimal Studio

Showcase of 10 iPhone 5 Pictures for Inspiration

iPhone 5 is the latest technology gadget which has increased it's popularity from the day one of iPhone 5 news. We have seen alot of iPhone 5 pictures from the past days and we believe that users really love to design the concepts and designs of new iPhone 5 and share with the huge audience and fan following of Apple. We have collected and put together a showcase of 10 iPhone 5 Pictures for your inspiration. enjoy!

Cute Little Gangsters in Paris Photography

Very Gangsters French eye-wear Premium brand for children age 3 to 10 years old. This Brand is very uniquely promoting it's product by showcasing and modelling little cute children for advertising and marketing. Enjoy!

Showcase of 10 Posters on Invisible Thinking

Invisible Thinking is a project of minimalist posters based on showing Invisible Thinking. All These Awesome Posters have been Created by Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky , These posters illustrate famous fictional heroes and real characters: Yoda, ET, or Charlie Chaplin. Enjoy!

iPhone 5 Concept Leaked Expected Design

Apple’s iPhone 5 is not being released and it seems that iPhone 5 is being delayed and replaced with the release of iPhone 4S as you all people should know by now. We don't know the final shape of iPhone 5 but designers have created some really cool and nice looking concepts and designs of iPhone 5

But most of the web designers are already busy in estimating the design. We found the best and most interesting looking images and we have selected to share with our audience. So have a look at what the internet community thinks iPhone 5 will be like…